The French Revolution Bakery & Crêperie

You can visit our bakery in Dundas, the beautiful valley town in Southern Ontario where the company was first founded in 2001.

We weren't 'French Revolution' then!  At the time, passionate chef Rhonda Wells launched The Valley Gourmet catering company, and after 10 successful years Rhonda felt it was time for a change.


Demand for gluten-free products in the corporate catering world was rising.  Unimpressed by the quality and palatability of gluten-free products on the market, Rhonda set out to do what no one had done before: Make gluten-free taste great.


After many hours and a steep learning curve, Rhonda had come up with a gluten-free flour that acted just like an all-purpose flour blend.  This was only the start. Soon, she'd developed flour blends for various applications and recipes.


Starting out in the Back Alley Kitchen in downtown Dundas, Rhonda and her team produced some of the finest gluten-free products available.

Only a short time later, the "Ya'd Never Know" line of gluten-free products was launched.  We began supplying products to various retailers in southern Ontario. In 2010 the Back Alley Kitchen began to feel a bit cramped, and we moved down King Street to reappear as the Ya'd Never Know Bakery.

The Revolution began when Rhonda visited France with her husband and friends.  Fascinated by the French way of life and food, she set out to make French pastries.  After careful study, trial and error, and months of training with French bakers in Île-sur-la-Sorgue, the French Revolution had begun!

Finally, we came to our current location at the start of January 2019, excited to return to downtown Dundas.  What will the future have in store? Fresh crêpes and coffee, a delightful array of treats and sweets with many gluten-free options. So come down and join us on the terrace.




At The French Revolution Bakery & Crêperie you'll find handmade products using fresh, local ingredients.  We are proud to serve meat from Cumbrae's and Fenwood Farm, produce from Waterhall and Drumlin Farm, and small batch creamery and butter from Quebec as well as maany other local suppliers/growers.

Éclairs, macarons, méringues, madeleines, crêpes... While those with a bec sucré can certainly find a treat to satisfy their craving for French desserts, we boast a much wider array of sweet & savoury products: homemade pizza, soup, sandwiches, galettes, quiches, pot pies, sausage rolls, Quebec tourtières, fresh fruit pies, cupcakes, muffins, turnovers, scones... 

You can find gluten free options at our bakery.  Contamination is kept to a strict minimum with separate prep areas, fridges and display counters.   

Come on in, chat with our super friendly staff, and grab a little taste of France. Bon appétit!


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