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The French Revolution is moving!

If you've come into the bakery over the past couple weeks, this probably isn't news to you: we are packing our bags and moving back into town.  Our regular hours continue as usual until our last day, Monday December 24 (open 9am-1pm), which leaves plenty of time for all of our esteemed customers to stock up before we briefly close up shop. 

You can come find us at our new location in the new year at 2 King Street West, Dundas, in the same plaza as the Hamilton Police Service, Mickey McGuire's Cheese, and Mrs. Greenway, only a short walk uphill from where the bakery currently stands.

We hope to re-open on January 3rd.  There's a lot exciting things to look forward to: a new year, a new look, fresh crêpes and sandwiches, tea and coffee, a Parisian-style terrasse... and more. We look forward to sharing these nouveautés with you all.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Bien à vous,

The French Revolution Bakery Team

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